EGREG has been used since 2009 in the following grant programmes:

1. The EEA & Norway Grants Fund: a programme financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway and operated by the consortium (ECORYS Polska and JCP SRL Italy). EGREG is used for the management and monitoring of € 100M grant financing 55 projects (under 3 different calls: Active Youth, Regional Cooperation and Unlocking Youth Potential) and involving 439 organisations (from 31 countries). The programme started in December 2016 and is expected to end in April 2024 (

EGREG is used in this grant fund as the main and sole platform to manage the whole granting process including: 1) online application, 2) online assessment, 3) contracting and 4) projects management and monitoring. It has been also enriched with 5) a “Partner search” tool (matchmaking) to assist organisations in setting up robust consortia and 6) a Results Oriented Monitoring procedure and forms.

2. Support to Social Protection Programme in Jordan: a programme financed by the EU and implemented by Expertise France including a € 4M grant component in 3 calls for proposals (2 calls in 2-steps and 1 call in 1 step). The programme started in December 2019 and was completed in March 2023. (

78 proposals (involving 137 CSOs) have been awarded under this programme where EGREG is used to manage the whole process starting from online application up to final auditing of projects.

3. Support to Research, Technological Development and Innovation Project (SRTD – Phase II) in Jordan: a programme financed by the EU (June 2014 – Feb 2016)

4. EuroMed Youth Programme IV: a regional programme financed by the EU (Feb 2011 – May 2016).

5. Research, Development and Innovation Programme in Egypt: a programme financed by the EU (Jan 2008 – Dec 2010).