Through its public facet, EGREG provides its visitors (or potential applicants) with information about the grants programme and about open calls with their templates and guidelines.

The applicant is invited to register and create a profile for the entity/organisation they represent. 

The registered applicants are then given access to the system where they can access online application forms for open calls.

The application form (for both concept notes and full applications) is tailored to the template adopted by the programme and the call guidelines.

Partners should be registered in the system so the lead partner can easily find them and establish the consortium.

When a concept note is selected by the Managing Authority, its information is automatically transferred to the relevant sections in the full application.

The online application form is equipped with the tools needed to draft and elaborate the application.

Required annexes can be uploaded and attached to the online application form.

EGREG assists applicants through onscreen alerts whenever a rule of the call is violated.

The button “Check my application” validates the application form against call rules and guidelines to assist applicants in creating complete and correct applications.

EGREG assists applicants in building consortia, if required, through subscribing to the Partner Search facility.

Applicants can browse all active profiles or use a combination of search keys to look for potential partners.