The Managing Authority controls the whole programme through all its phases starting from the call advertising up to projects auditing and closure.

The public home page can be used to disseminate selected information about the programme and about individual projects like fact sheets, success stories and events.

EGREG has an easy-to-use control panel that enables the Managing Authority to publish information on open calls (e.g. guidelines, templates) and receive applicants’ questions.

Authorised users can view instant dashboards summarizing the status of the call (number of submitted applications, number of administratively compliant, number of applications proposed for awarding…etc.)

When the applications submission deadline is reached the system closes the application process automatically and the Managing Authority can start checking the submitted applications.

Submitted applications are distributed to assessors to carry out the administrative check and the technical evaluation, while the Managing Authority monitors the whole assessment process.

Assessors or evaluators carry out the administrative check and the technical evaluation online and submit the evaluation grids to the evaluation committee chairperson.

Final results of assessment are summarised and presented through the system so the committee chairperson can prepare lists for: selected for awarding, selected for reserve list and not selected applications.

Awarded proposals are automatically transferred to the Contracting Module where the Managing Authority can fill-in and upload contractual information and documents.

Selected contractual information are entered into the system while copies/scans of contractual documents are uploaded so an e-archive for all projects is built.

The grants programme director has access to all projects and can view aggregated statistics on all projects or by each call.

A summary of each individual project is available in one screen from which the Managing Authority user can access technical and financial details (Action plan, Indicators, Budget and expenditures, Changes and Reports).

The project monitor (from the Managing Authority staff) can check the indicators achieved values

The project monitor can view all expenditures registered by the project partners while implementing their activities.

Summary of expenditures compared to the project budget helps the monitor in detecting potential issues and advising the project coordinator on the course of actions needed.

Changes to the project action plan or budget are archived through the system and can be viewed anytime by the project monitor.

Monitors can check and view all reports due up to the current reporting period, and when a report is submitted they can check and validate it online.

Project financial progress summary

Grantees can submit their requests through the system so the Managing Authority experts can validate these requests and make timely decisions.

EGREG provides tools and forms for Results Oriented Monitoring (ROM) that can be carried out by the Managing Authority experts or by a third-party monitoring contractor.

ROM can be done for the project and/or for each of the implementing partners.

Creating ROM report for a project.